In a clear sign that the U.S. botched its coronavirus response, some Americans are relieved they stayed in countries closest to the outbreak's origin. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Looks are deceiving - China maybe lying.
Word is that the Legislature may do some fixes to the “no bail” law in the budget bills it’s rushing through, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is probably still going to need to use his emergency powers to suspend some of these rules. Police are already stressed by the need to enforce restrictions on travel and... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Makes sense.
An aide to Vice President Mike Pence has tested positive for the coronavirus. Pence, point person for the White House response to COVID-19, did not work closely with the person, his press secretary Katie Miller said Friday night. “‪This evening we were notified that a member of the Office of the Vice President tested positive for... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Bad news.


After drastic cutbacks to both its international and domestic service, American Airlines is transitioning to cargo-only flights. This week, the carrier announced it would be transporting medical supplies, mail, electronics and more as part of its first cargo-only flights in 36 years, utilizing a passenger aircraft grounded due to coronavirus cutbacks. After drastic cutbacks to... New York Post
All those television ads, staffers and consultants sure added up for Mike Bloomberg – to the tune of at least $936 million.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Pitiful results for such a massive expense - good, he is not president.
Trump has doubled down on referring to the coronavirus pandemic as the "Chinese virus" as he distances himself from a crisis that has gripped the U.S.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: As he should.
America's top agriculture official offered thanks on Friday to workers up and down the food chain — acknowledging that farmers and other employees along the "food chain" can't work remotely during the coronavirus crisis. "You know, we're spoiled in America," said USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue, in a video posted to ... Washington Times
The U.S. Senate is scrambling to craft a $1 trillion relief package to help the economy and workers, with a vote possible on Monday. ABC
VOA VIEW: Time will tell what the so-called deal will look like.
The far-reaching coronavirus pandemic has thrust the 2020 campaign into uncharted territory, forcing election officials to choose between upending the primary calendar ABC


Republican Sen. Richard Burr is defending his decision to sell up to $1.72 million in stock ahead of the impact of coronavirus on global markets. ABC
VOA VIEW: Why are Dems not mentioned?
Friday's fall comes after weeks of unprecedented market volatility. ABC
VOA VIEW: Sad loss for all.
Theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres must also close as soon as they reasonably can, the prime minister says. BBC
"Americans from every walk of life are coming together," Trump said. "We are winning and we are going to win this war." CBS

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that Tax Day will be delayed because of the coronavirus. CBS
VOA VIEW: What will a delay do to help?
United Airlines is warning about possible job cuts if the government doesn't quickly provide aid to combat coronavirus. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Everyone has it bad.
The federal government will allow firms to begin manufacturing their own hand sanitizer with limited guidance as the spreading coronavirus dwindles supply across the country. CNBC


In an extraordinary exchange on Friday, President Donald Trump viciously attacked an NBC News reporter who asked what his message would be to Americans who are frightened by the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the country. CNN
VOA VIEW: The reporter was foolish.
Joe Biden on Friday lambasted President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, telling Trump to "stop swerving between over-promising, buck-passing, and start delivering protection to our people." CNN
VOA VIEW: Biden is a fool.
President Trump made false claims about possible treatments for the coronavirus, and expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had to tamp down optimism about the treatments at a press conference. CNN
VOA VIEW: Overkill!
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance on Friday in the briefing room he once oversaw -- but this time, on the other side of the lectern. CNN
The US military said it is working to convert buildings into hospitals and could potentially provide 10,000 hospital beds in New York, as the coronavirus pandemic escalates. CNN

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President Trump's family business is cutting back on staff at some hotel properties and has closed his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, according to media reports.  FOX News
The coronavirus pandemic has caused a surge in gun sales across the country. The national instant criminal background check system (NICS) is working to keep up with the growing demand, but gun store owners say delays are likely. FOX News
The hospital ship USNS Mercy will set sail Monday for the Seattle area, one of the regions hardest-hit by the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. defense officials told Fox News on Thursday. FOX News

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday reported 15,268 cases of coronavirus, an increase of 4,777 cases from its previous count, and said the death toll had risen by 51 to 201. Reuters
The United States and Mexico have agreed to restrict non-essential travel over their shared border in an effort to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, U.S. President Donald Trump said during a news conference at the White House on Friday. Reuters
A United States Air Force contractor who works at the Pentagon and an active-duty service member who visited the building earlier this month have tested positive for the coronavirus, the Air Force said on Friday, the first known cases of individuals with the virus to have been in the building. Reuters
U.S. Central Command announced Friday that U.S. and coalition troops deploying to the Middle East will be put under a 14-day quarantine to avoid placing a strain on medical facilities amid the coronavirus pandemic. UPI
Before the coronavirus pandemic took hold worldwide, nearly 60 percent of Americans said they trust in the medical information and advice they receive from the government, a new study showed Friday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Sad and foolish.

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